How to Find and Use Bamboo Wood in Minecraft 1.20 

Minecraft 1.20 features a number of different wood types and Bamboo is a new addition to it. Many of the wood types available in the game may have a similar crafting mechanism but Bamboo wood is a little different from all of these and you will have to analyze everything thoroughly before hopping on to use it.

Also, this new addition presents an excellent opportunity for the players to showcase their creativity to the fullest. Make sure you read the below article in order to better understand about this tenth type of wood in Minecraft. 

Ways to find Bamboo wood in Minecraft 

Before taking into account ways to find Bamboo wood in the game, it must be stated that this new addition is only for experimental purposes and may change as the developers find suitable. The texture as well as other methods of usage may undergo transformation with the passage of time.

All the elements of the Bamboo wood are pretty similar to the real world and you will notice the realistic texture with long parallel lines present on it. These woods won’t be present on trees and you will have to find these blocks by yourself. Make sure you head towards the jungle biome for this purpose and you will also find pandas here.

Pandas also provide bamboo when they are killed, but sugarcane farms are a better option for this. In order to craft a bamboo block, you require four pieces of bamboo which must then be placed in a 2×2 square in the crafting table. 

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How to use Bamboo Wood in Minecraft? 

If you can make a bamboo plank, using it is pretty easy and you don’t have to put any considerable effort after this. Following are some of the uses of Bamboo wood in Minecraft

  • You can make a door using bamboo planks. For this purpose, you will have to make two parallel columns using these. 
  • A button can be crafted by putting a bamboo plank in the crafting area. 
  • If you put bamboo planks in two parallel columns, you can also make a button. 
  • Bamboo planks may also be used to make a raft with a chest. 
  • If you fill two parallel rows with bamboo planks, you will make a trapdoor. 
  • If you surround two sticks with 4 bamboo planks, you can make a fence and by reversing this method, you can make a fence gate. 
  • Putting 3 bamboo planks adjacent to each other in a horizontal position will make a slab. 
  • Placing 6 planks of bamboo in a staircase design will make stairs.
  • If you place 5 planks of bamboo in a semi-square position with its interior kept hollow, it will form a raft. 

How to Craft Bamboo Mosaic? 

Before looking for methods to craft Bamboo Mosaic, it is essential to know what this item actually is. It is a wooden block made out of bamboo, which can be used for construction purposes.

How to Craft Bamboo Mosaic?

Like other building blocks, you can use this to craft various materials in the game and the best part of this block is that it possesses a really unique texture not found in any other wood present in the game. Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to make a block of Bamboo Mosaic in the game

  • First of all, begin by making bamboo slabs in the game. 
  • For this purpose, you will require three bamboo planks. You can then proceed to place these three bamboo planks in the middle row of the crafting table and you will then receive six bamboo slabs as an output. 
  • After this, proceed to place 2 bamboo slabs in a perpendicular direction. After you have done this, you can receive a bamboo mosaic block in the crafting area as an output. 
  • The next step is to create slabs of Bamboo Mosaic. For this purpose, you will have to place three bamboo mosaic blocks in the same row of the crafting table. Doing so will give you mosaic slabs as an output. Keep in mind that these slabs will showcase a slightly changed texture than the bamboo slabs.
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How to Make Bamboo Mosaic Stairs?

Bamboo Mosaic Stairs

To Make Bamboo Mosaic Stairs, you will have to fill all the three rows of the crafting table with the Bamboo Mosaic planks. Make sure that the first, second, and the last row of the table is completely filled. Doing so will create a Bamboo Mosaic Stair. This will prove to be a very unique and creative idea and will surely make the game look much more interesting. 

Which wood is better in Minecraft?

A number of different woods develop a sort of confusion in the player about which one to opt for. Apparently, all of them offer simple uses and there was nothing much unique in any of them.

So the very question here arises about which wood must be a go to when the question arises about their usage. All of these burn the same way and when used in construction, their properties are almost similar too.

The only difference between Bamboo and other wood types is the texture showcased by the former. You will notice a special woody texture in Bamboo with all those straight, parallel lines and the grayish color.

Also, another essential aspect to take into account is that Bamboo allows you to craft a number of different things, including Bamboo Mosaic, which in turn can be used for various purposes. 

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