Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft – Feather Falling, Mending, Depth Strider

Surviving in Minecraft is not as easy a job as it seems to be. You require a lot of weapons, enchantments, and other equipment. Although boots are not that important and you don’t want to get an enchantment for it on the first priority, they will prove to be of much use later in the game.

Not only will they aid in providing an aesthetic appearance, but will also give an additional number of features that you are sure to enjoy. Also Check Out Who is the Best Minecraft Player in The World?

Following is a list of boot enchantments that are specific to only this particular armor. 

Top 5 best Boot Enchantments in the game

The 5 best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft are:

Feather Falling 

feather falling

Feather Falling is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft for boots. As the name of this enchantment indicates, it will aid in minimizing the damage caused to the player when falling. With every fall, the percentage damage inflicted may be reduced to 12% for every level. The fact that the highest level of this enchantment is four, this means that you will endure about 48% less damage. 



To make your shoes unbreakable, Mending enchantment will prove to be the most suitable for you. Also, it must be noticed that the Mending enchantment can be used for anything in the game and is not limited to boots only. How this enchantment works is pretty simple. It will take the experience points that you have earned so far in the game. In return, provide extra protection and make your boots more durable. 

Depth Strider 

depth strider minecraft

If you are present in the water biome in Minecraft, then Depth Strider is the perfect option for you. This enchantment will let you swim at a faster pace. You can use it when trying to move through the ocean or when finding something under water. The highest level of this enchantment is 3. 


Protection minecraft

As the name of this enchantment indicates, Protection will safeguard you in the game. With a maximum level 4, this enchantment can save you from a variety of life threatening things like lava, fire, explosions, or other such sort of events. 

Frost Walker 

Frost Walker

Running across the oceans is now possible using this enchantment as this item will turn the particular area of the water body you are standing on into ice. It will aid you in covering large distances easily without having to swim.

Not only this, the Frost Walker enchantment will also be helpful in avoiding the damage caused by Magma Blocks, aiding you to cross the Nether Blocks without any hesitation. Keep in mind that this enchantment can not be used with Depth Strider. You will have to pick any one of these.


These were the Best Boot Enchantments in Minecraft. If you have any other suggestion, let us know, so we can test it and add it to our list.

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