Best Shield Enchantments in Minecraft 

Enchanting is an essential aspect in the game as this adds to the effect of a particular item. By using an enchantment with some armor, books, gear, weapons, or anything else, you make that item more fruitful. As far as the shield is concerned, enchanting it could make it more durable and effective and will aid you to perform your tasks with it more skillfully.

Also, keep in mind that shields can only go with 3 enchantments, all of which are listed below. But Shields are not limited to only these three, as some other Enchantments can be applied in the Creative Mod or through the use of Mods. 

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What Enchantments can be used with a Shield? 

Following are the 3 enchantments that can be used with a Shield 


Mending can be considered the utmost and supreme enchantment in Minecraft that can aid the player in a variety of things. This enchantment increases the lastingness of a particular item when applied to them.

mending minecraft icon

Although the properties of this enchantment are pretty similar to those of the Unbreaking Enchantment, the former is considered far more superior when it comes to the effectiveness of the durability provided.

For a detailed account, consider an example; the player is having a shield and a damage is inflicted on it. Normally, without the enchantment, the shield would have taken up all the damage which would have reduced its lastingness.

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However, with the Mending Enchantment, the shield will not lose its durability. Plus, all the experience points that you have gained so far will be utilized in this. 

Curse of Vanishing 

This enchantment will make a particular item vanish on the death of the player. As far as the shields are concerned, the Curse of Vanishing will make the shields disappear when the player dies.

Curse of Vanishing minecraft

This enchantment may not prove to be much beneficial. Sometimes the player may also get furious since dying will lead to the despawning of the shield. An important aspect to keep into account is that only those items which are present in the Inventory or the Hot bar when the player dies will disappear.

In case something is present in the encoder chest, chest, or shulker box, they will remain as usual. 


Another useful enchantment for Shields in Unbreaking, which can be of much help in enhancing the durability of a particular thing.

It will have to increase its level from Unbreaking to Unbreaking 3 so that it can be applied to Shields in the game. With this enchantment, the Shield will not lose its strength even after damage. 


Enchantments in Minecraft enhance a particular item and Shields can only be used with 3 enchantments. Mending and Unbreaking increase the durability of the Shield while Curse of Vanishing makes it disappear on player’s death. 

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