Creative Mode in Minecraft – How to switch to Creative mode in Minecraft? 

Among the many game modes offered by Minecraft, Creative Mode is one of them. As the name indicates, this game mode allows you to create anything you want to, unlike the survival mode, and also features somewhat of a different background music. There are some changes in the gameplay too, including the fact that the players can break any block that they want to and can fly too. Also, there’s no health or hunger bar in the game as is present in other game modes.

Creative Mode in Minecraft 

The Java Edition poses damage when the player tries to walk in the void, however, no such threat is there in the Bedrock Edition. Mobs are found in this game mode but do not attack the player. An unlimited amount of resources are present in the Creative Mode which you can utilize to build whatever you want to. 

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Creative Vs Survival Mode in Minecraft 

There’s no comparison between the two game modes in which one is better, since both offer features which are unique to the other and the players enjoy them as per their preferences. While the Survival Mode is based on the quest of survival which will provide a number of challenges and it is up to the player to overcome them all, the Creative Mode features an unlimited amount of resources and allows players to create whatever they want to.

There are no survival aspects in the latter since the mobs will be present in this game mode but won’t pose any threat to the player. Creating or destroying structures is pretty easy in this game mode. The Creative Mode was released prior to the Survival Mode in the early years of Minecraft. 

How to switch to Creative Mode in Minecraft?

Switching between the Minecraft Creative and Survival Mode is pretty easy and all you have to do is enter the /game mode command in order to do so. For PC and Mac in the Java Edition, enter /game mode creative. In order to enter this command, press the T button to open the chat window. Then, type the command which is /game mode c. Press Enter. After you have done this, the game mode will automatically switch to Creative. 

How to play in Minecraft Creative Mode?

Proceed by launching the game and then consider following the below mentioned steps

  • After opening the game, opt for the ‘Multiplayer’ option present.
  • Then, click on the ‘Add Server’ option.
  • After this, a Creative option will be seen present on the compass. Click on this. 
  • Type a command /plot auto in the chat box by pressing T in the chat window. This will enable you to claim the plot after which you can start constructing whatever you want to. 
  • You can now create anything in the Creative Mode world. Make sure you proceed towards the inventory in order to do so. 

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