Desert Biome in Minecraft

A number of Minecraft biomes are there, with desert being the one and since each of them have their own distinct characteristics, the latter has a very bad name when it comes to this. This is particularly because of the fact that these biomes consist of only sand and support no life. There is nothing to do here since there is no water nor food and so, none of the animal mobs can be seen present here. It is for this reason that this biome is not that preferred.

Desert Biome in Minecraft

More about Desert Biome in Minecraft

Desert biomes do not support vegetation due to the infertile soil present and the only thing that can be found present here are cacti and other rough bushes. There are no mobs found in this biome except rabbits.

However, there are some of these mobs present in the desert villages. These mobs include cows, sheep, pigs, and villagers. This entirely barren structure has some buildings in it including pyramids, pillager outposts, villages, and fossils too.

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Where it generates?

If you are wondering about where this biome commonly generates, then the location where there are highest chances of finding these biomes is near high erosion values. Keep in mind that surviving in these deserts is not that easy and particularly if you are not having the necessary resources with you. 

Resources found in Minecraft’s Desert Biomes 


Minecraft’s desert biome has a number of resources present inside it. One of the most essential items of this is fossils, which are pretty rare to find otherwise. You can dig these fossils out of sand easily. Also, the players can build various structures out of these fossils by surrounding them with museum builds to make them appealing for the visitors.

Desert temples

Desert temples can also be found in these biomes which have a lot of loot in them too including horse armor, emeralds, and enchanted apples. Not only this, these desert temples may prove to be harmful too at times since they contain pressure plates. No matter how much loot is found in these temples, the plates can still blow up and kill the player. So make sure you enter here with caution. 

Cacti and rough bushes

Although there are no trees present in the desert biome, there are cacti and some rough bushes present at a distance. These bushes can sometimes prove to be useful when the player is moving in full speed and wants support. Also, if players are lost in these biomes, they can make tools out of the bush sticks. Cactus blocks are also very useful since they can be used to make green dyes. 

Animals that are found in Desert in Minecraft

  1. Rabbits: Commonly found in various biomes, including deserts.
  2. Horses: Can be found in plains, savannas, and occasionally in desert areas.
  3. Donkeys: Can also be found in similar biomes to horses, including deserts.
  4. Camels (modded versions): Some Minecraft mods add camels to the game, and they are often associated with desert biomes.
  5. Llamas: Can be found in savannas and sometimes in desert regions.
  6. Striders (Nether biome): While not found directly in desert biomes, Striders can be seen in the Nether, a biome that has a desert-like appearance.
  7. Skeleton Horses: Rarely found in desert biomes during thunderstorms or at night when lightning strikes a horse.