How To Change Tick Speed in Minecraft? 

Minecraft, like many other video games, involves game loops which is an algorithm that determines when a particular event will occur in the game. To put it simply, the tick speed determines how much time is required for one game cycle to complete or how quickly or slowly something will happen.

There is a specific speed of these ticks and the best part is, you can either increase or decrease the pace of these ticks. The very question then arises about how to do so, and if you are also one of those looking for answers, then this article is surely for you. Hop on to read the below guide on how to set the tick speed in Minecraft.

What is the default Speed in Minecraft?  

The default tick speed in Minecraft varies with the varying version of the game that you are playing in. It must be taken into account that this tick speed will affect the events taking place in the game including the rusting of leaves, the growth of plants, etc. In the Java Edition of the game, this default setting will be set to three. In the Bedrock Edition, the speed will be one automatically.

Another essential aspect to be considered is that altering the tick speed to abnormal levels may cause it to show errors. Minecraft will then become unplayable. The maximum tick speed which you can set in the game is 256 ticks per second. 

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Method to change the Tick speed in Minecraft 

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to change the tick speed in the game.

  • To proceed with, consider launching the chat window to enter the shortcut keys. 
  • Various versions have different keys and if you are using JavaScript or the Windows 10 edition, type the letter ‘T’. 
  • For Xbox or PS4, consider utilizing the D pad to open up the chat window. You can then enter the command in this window. 

Several commands are there to change the tick speed in the game. Two specific commands for this purpose are:

  1. /gamerule randomTickSpeed
  2. /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value> 

Recommended Speed of Tick in Minecraft

Although most of the players want to increase the tick speed in Minecraft to enhance the processes, they forget that the decaying process will also be increasing simultaneously. As the leaves grow faster, they will rust at a rapid rate too. The objects will change at a rapid rate and may not only prove useful but sometimes harmful too.

If you set the speed at 0, it will hinder all the processes from completing. Moreover, though the default time of 3 is considered the ideal one, you can still proceed to set it at 6 or 8 to make everything done quicker. 

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