How To Find Redstone in Minecraft?

Redstone is a very important block in the game and can be used for a number of purposes, thanks to its impressive building capabilities. You can make almost anything out of a Redstone and it is for this reason that finding this block is pretty essential.

How To Find Redstone in Minecraft

If you are also in a quest of finding Redstone Dust, then the following article may prove to be quite helpful for you. Consider reading the below mentioned ways of acquiring Redstone.

Ways to get Redstone in Minecraft 

Following are the top 5 ways to find Redstone in Minecraft:

  • The chests present in Mineshafts are the best location to search for a Redstone, since there are high chances that you will find it there. The chests present in these locations have a 16.9% chance of having these in them. Mine Shafts are usually seen present in the levels 0 to 15 in the game and the walls of it may have Redstone in it.
  • The next location you must be putting your effort into is a cave, which presents high chances of Redstone. Ores in Minecraft are usually present in these locations and since Redstone is an ore too, you may proceed to search for it between levels 0 to 15. Make sure that you bring a Fortune enchanted pickaxe with you for this purpose. 
  • Dungeons can also prove to be helpful when hopping on to find Redstone in Minecraft and provide an estimated 26.6% chance of finding it. Finding dungeons is not that much of an arduous task in the game. 
  • Villages contain chests which feature a high chance of containing Redstone in them. There’s a 25% change that you will find the Redstone in the chests present here. 
  • Lastly, the Strongholds are also a nice place to look up for Redstones as they have a 12% chance of possessing Redstone. However, the storeroom chests present in these strongholds feature a 18.6% chance of having Redstone in them. 
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Alternative Ways to get Redstone

There are other ways which allow you to get Redstone too, which are mentioned below

  • You can trade with villagers in order to get Redstone from them. For this purpose, you will require an Emerald which can be exchanged for 2 pieces of Redstone in the game. Make sure you reach the notice-level cleric villagers for this purpose. Also, keep in mind that both Java and Bedrock Editions present a separate deal and you will receive 2 Redstones for a single Emerald in Java and 4 pieces of Redstone in Bedrock. 
  • Killing a Witch is also a great option to get Redstones. Witches may be found present in the mangrove swamp regions and killing them will get you 2 Redstones.