How To Fly With Elytra in Minecraft? 

Flying presents a much hindrance free pathway than walking or running. For such reasons, Minecraft players tend to fly in order to ensure a fast and error free travel. A number of ways of traveling are there in the game and varied versions feature different ones.

Although the Creative Mode features no considerable effort for flying. A simple click will allow you to do so, the Survival Mode requires proper items for flying. The former can be done using the flying button and double tap on it to stop doing so while in the latter, the flying item is Elytra and the following guide will aid you to have a thorough knowledge on its usage and application. 

How to fly using Elytra in Survival Mode?

Flying in the Survival Mode requires you to have Elytra, an item that is not present with you and will have to find it on the End Ship. Keep in mind that the usage of this item is comparatively harder. You will not be granted as much freedom to fly as in the Creative Mode.

Fly Elytra in Minecraft

Consider following the given steps in order to use Elytra in the Survival Mode:

  • First of all, make sure that you have found the Elytra and moved it to the Inventory. When you do so, you will witness your character present along with some boxes where you can change the armor of your character. 
  • Then, proceed to transfer it from the inventory to the chestplate box which can be found present on the left hand side of your character. 
  • After you have done this, a change in the appearance of the character can be witnessed and it will show as if the character is wearing a cloak. 
  • This means the character is wearing the Elytra. 

In order to put on Elytra in the Creative Mode, follow these steps:

  • First of all, keep in mind that wearing Elytra in the Creative Mode is not necessary. You can fly without using it too. 
  • In order to display the armor, make sure you opt for the Survival Inventory option which can be seen present at the bottom right of the Inventory Menu. 
  • Now, transfer the Elytra from the Inventory to the Chestplate box present on the left hand side of your character. 
  • As soon as your character changes appearance, it means it has worn the Elytra. 


The survival mode requires you to use a special item called Elytra to fly while there is no compulsion to use this in the Creative Mode. Flying with Elytra rather indicates gliding with it and making sure that you start the process from a considerable height. 

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