How To Get Scutes in Minecraft? – Usage of Scutes

Minecraft features a vast and open environment with items more than the real world and Scutes are one of them. These items are present with turtles which drop them as soon as they transform themselves into mature beings. Obtaining Scutes won’t be that hard task and players may have to find turtles in order to do so.

Make sure that you consider the fact that only baby turtles have Scutes and they drop them while they are fully developed. Not only this, if you are having a hard time finding a baby turtle, you can craft a Scute yourself. Below is a complete guide on how to craft a Scute and what is its possible usage in the game. 

What is the usage of Scutes in Minecraft? 

Nothing in Minecraft is useless and everything has a specific purpose. So is the case with Scutes, which can be used to make turtle shells. This item can further be utilized to make the potion of Turtle Master. Also, they can be used to mend broken turtle armor material which will indirectly aid in fixing turtle shells.

These turtle shells are actually used in an anvil. You can also trade these Scutes for an emerald to a villager. The trade will cost you almost 4 scutes for a single emerald. There’s a 50% chance that a cleric villager will agree to this trade. 

How to make Scutes in Minecraft?

In order to collect Scutes in Minecraft, you will require 4 Seagrass. Then, hop on to add this item to your Inventory in the game. But before all this, the presence of a baby turtle is essential and you can get that by breeding adult ones at the beach. After this, your next job will be to speed up the process of transforming that baby turtle into an adult so that it can drop a Scute. For this, you will have to feed those babies with seagrass.

Some green particles will start appearing near those baby turtles indicating their growth process. Make sure that you continue doing so, so that it can grow into an adult at a faster rate. After a specific amount of time when the baby turtle has taken in a sufficient amount of seagrass, it will transform itself into a mature one. At this time of transformation, it will drop a Scute.