How to Grow Nether Wart Faster? 

Nether Wart is a very valuable item in Minecraft since it is a base potion used to create other potions in the game. So all the players will have to make it no matter what. The best part about growing a Nether Wart is that it thrives super fast and there isn’t much time involved in doing all this. It can grow within 34 minutes but if the players want to speed up the process even more, they may opt for the following steps. 

How to grow Nether Wart faster

How to grow Nether Wart?

If you are also trying to grow Nether Wart faster, you will first have to find these. Nether Warts can easily be found present in the Bastion Remnants or Nether Fortresses. Make sure you visit the staircases in the latter region and the lava and Blackstone surrounded areas in the former. After you have collected these, its high time you proceed to place this item on soul sand. Make sure that there’s water and lava present around so that the plant can thrive. 

Method to grow Nether Wart faster

In order to grow Nether Wart faster, you will have to change the tick speed. The period of its growth can be divided into 4 stages and when you divide these four stages into separate parts, you can easily analyze its growth into different periods. There’s no specific increase in the growth rate during the second and the third stage. During the fourth stage, the growth process can be broken down and divided into 2 to 3 parts. 

After this, you can proceed to use some commands in order to increase the random tick speed from 3 to a larger one. This process cannot be done through the game and you will have to utilize cheats in order to do this. If you do not know how to use cheats in Minecraft, make sure you learn that beforehand. Type the below mentioned cheat in order to increase the tick speed

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 1000

This will allow the Nether Warts to grow faster. Not only this, anything in the game that works with random ticks can be sped up using the technique provided. Setting the tick speed to 0 will reverse the process and everything will halt. 

Tips for Growing Nether Wart Faster

  • Lava is the best item in minecraft to grow nether wart at a faster rate.
  • Pour the lava below the nether wart instead of pouring it in the middle.
  • Never harvest nether wart near cobblestone, otherwise you will lose it due to burning.
  • Soul sand is the only place where you can grow nether warts. Don’t waste your time on other surfaces.
  • Growing Nether wart is an extensive process. Follow above mentioned tips to grow it at a faster rate. 

Fully Grown Nether Wart

This is how Nether Wart looks like when it is fully grown:


Yes, you can grow nether wart faster by planting them on soul sand.

No, it does not need light to grow.


In order to grow Nether Wart faster, the player will have to change the tick speed in the game. Otherwise, there is no other solution available. Moreover, make sure that there are suitable conditions available for Nether Wart to grow like water and light. Cheats are an essential aspect in all this and if your world does not allow the usage of cheats, then you must first learn how to use them otherwise. 

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