How To Make a Flying Machine in Minecraft? 

Flying can prove to be a much faster mode of travel and players do want to avoid all the hindrance faced while walking in the game. It is for this reason that the making of a flying machine is essential and if you are unaware of the facts on how to do so, the following guide will prove to be a lot helpful.

Various sorts of flying machines can be created in the game but keep in mind that two of the items will remain constant in any of these machines, which are the Slime Block and the Observer Block. Read More About Minecraft on

Materials Required to make a flying machine

Before going on to make a flying machine, it is essential that you possess the following items prior to the process

  • 1 Sticky Piston
  • 2 Observer Blocks
  • 4 Slime Blocks
  • 1 Piston
  • 20-64 any of the building blocks found in the game like earth or cobblestone 

Also, keep the following facts in mind before building a flying machine:

  • Blocks can be relocated with the help of pistons.
  • Any block which is adhered to the slime block will move with it.
  • The blocks adjacent to the Observer Block can be activated whenever a change is witnessed in front of it. 

Method to make a flying machine in Minecraft

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to make a flying machine in the game

  • To proceed with, make sure that you start the process from a considerable height. It could be any tree, some stacked blocks, a mountain, or whatever else. 
  • Then, put a piston on the top point and adjust the direction of the piston to the same point where you want to launch your machine. 
  •  In front of the piston, put a slime block in opposition to it. 
  • There must be two more blocks placed after the slime block and then, remove the first one and put a sticky piston instead of it. Make sure that the head of the former is facing the latter. 
  • Now, remove the second block too and put a piston instead. Its direction must be such that the head of the piston is opposite to that of the sticky piston. 
  • Now, add another block in front of the piston. 
  • In case you want to make a flying machine and want to ride on it, then add another riding material to the slime block. 
  • Add another Redstone block at the top of the slime block and remove the one which was placed under the flying machine. The machine will now start moving.


A flying machine in Minecraft let’s you cover larger distances faster and in a much safer way without any obstacles. In order to construct a flying machine, you will require a sticky piston, observer blocks, a piston, observer blocks, and any other building blocks of your choice. 

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