How to Make Minecraft as Medieval as Possible? 

Minecraft does contain elements which date back to centuries, but the game overall does not include a medieval touch to it. It must be noticed that there isn’t any specific thing that makes Minecraft an old age game, since it does involve some latest additions to it too.

However, the presence of items like ancient armor and the crafting of things out of wood or cobblestone does bring back a 15th century medieval vibe.

With this article, you can surely turn your game into medieval looking as we are going to provide a number of techniques to add some textures and mods to transform the entire image of the game. Hop on to the below mentioned guide in order to do so. 

Elements to add a Medieval touch to the game

Although the game originally includes some of these factors, our main goal is to transform the entire look into a medieval one. For this reason, the mods can be used.

Roguelike Dungeons

As the name of this mod indicates, Roguelike Dungeons will add a number of dungeons in the game which will provide a medieval touch to it. 

Roguelike Dungeons

Ice and Fire 

Ice adds an ice dragon while fire adds a fire dragon to the game. This brings an ancient touch to the game and you will feel yourself teleported to thousands of years back in time. Various other lightning dragons in the game include Cyclopes, Gorgons, Hydras, Trolls, Pixies, and other such mythological characters. 

ice and fire mod

Conquest Reforged 

If you are someone who wants to showcase their creativity and explore Minecraft more than the regular, traditional gameplay, the Conquest pack surely provides you the chance to do so. Conquest Reforged is named after this pack and will surely add an autumn touch to the game, making it look like a medieval one. The best part of this mod is that it includes a number of features which will entirely change the look of the game.

Conquest Reforged 

It includes almost 32 different textures, 12,000 different blocks, customized 3D models, animation effects, thematic assets, and much more enhanced features. This mod also features other historical effects including invisible lightning and particle effects, and other innovative additions. If you are looking for some mod to transform your game completely, then Conquest Reforged is definitely a must have. 

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Millenaire adds some villages and cities of NPCs to the game, further adding to the texture. This mod makes the game not only more interesting, but adds a lively touch to it too. 

millenaire minecraft

Sildurs Shaders 

Although this mod is not that necessary and you can go on without it too, adding it would add some additional color effect making it look more medieval.

Sildurs Shaders

With a high saturation and contrast, this mod will add a grayish texture to the game. 

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