How To Make Nether Quartz?

Nether Quartz is a very essential item in the game and you cannot make this using a crafting table or a furnace. The only thing you can do is to mine the block with a pickaxe or trade them with a villager. The villagers will trade a single emerald for 12 Nether Quartz. Following article will help you to make Nether Quartz in Minecraft.

Nether Quartz

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How to get Nether Quartz in Minecraft

First mine the Nether Quartz ore and then place it into inventory in order to make Nether Quartz. The steps are

  • To proceed with, you will first have to find a block of Nether Quartz. Its ore is present in the Nether region and you can start to dig it up as soon as you find it. The first sign to identify this ore is that its color is lighter than the surrounding blocks. 
  • Make sure you have a pickaxe in order to start mining the Nether Quartz ore. The pickaxe may be any as there’s no restriction to use a specific one. It may be either a wooden pickaxe, iron pickaxe, stone pickaxe, diamond pickaxe, netherite pickaxe etc. Do not start digging the ore with your bare hands since it will not be a good idea. 
  • In order to mine for the Nether Quartz Ore in the Java Edition, make sure you left click on the Nether Quartz ore and then hold on for a second. For Pocket Edition, tap and hold on the nether quartz ore. 
  • After you have mined the ore, you can pick it up as soon as it appears and then proceed to place it in the hotbar. This item is quite useful and will be used to make a number of other stuff. 

Uses of Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz is used to make a number of different items in the game. When combined with a glass and any wooden slab, Nether Quartz can be used to make a Daylight Detector. Nether Quartz and Diorite can be combined to make Granite and with Cobblestone and Redstone Dust, Nether Quartz can make an Observer.


Can you turn a block of Quartz into Nether Quartz?

No, Quartz blocks cannot be used to make Nether Quartz since the latter cannot be crafted back into the former. 

Is it hard to get Nether Quartz?

Yes, finding Nether Quartz is not that much of an easy task in the game and you will have to find the specified region where the ore is located. 

Can you mine Nether Quartz with an iron pickaxe?

Yes, Nether Quartz ore can be mined using any pickaxe and there’s no restriction as to use a specified one. 

What is the rarest Nether Ore?

Emerald Ore is considered to be the rarest Nether Ore in Minecraft.