How to Make Powered Rails using Redstone in Minecraft?

Redstone is one of the most essential items in the game found normally in deep underground regions. You can craft a number of different items using Redstone in the game and Powered Rails is one of them. While rails do serve quite an important purpose and aid in transferring the player from one block to another, powered rails still have an upper hand on this.

How to Make Powered Rails using Redstone in Minecraft?

These rails provide an additional boost, as the name indicates, and let you cover more blocks in a lesser amount of time. If you don’t have an idea about the usage of powered rails in Minecraft, then this article is surely for you.

More about Powered Rails in Minecraft

Before diving deep into the process of making these powered rails, it is essential that we take into account what actually is this item in the game and how can the players make use of it to the fullest. As evident from the name of this item, you can have a vague idea that these powered rails are a block of the rail family in the game and are used to provide a significant boost to them. It is entirely up to you to either increase or decrease the velocity of these, depending upon the distance that you intend to cover.

As far as their natural generation is concerned, you will find them present in the chests of mineshafts. These mineshafts are located in the underground regions and not only this, other sorts of rails will also be found present in these regions. If you don’t want a powered rail, you can easily convert it into a regular one by breaking it either by any tool or by hand.  

Materials Required to make Powered Rails in Minecraft 

The materials required to make a Powered Rail in Minecraft are mentioned below

If you don’t have these items, hop on to get them first. Crafting a stick requires you to place 2 wooden planks parallel to each other in a vertical direction in the crafting table. There is no restriction on what sort of wood must be used for this purpose. You can opt for any of them.

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Next, finding Redstone Dust is not that much of an arduous task and you can adopt a number of ways in order to get that. These ways include trading the Redstone Dust in exchange for Emeralds with the villagers, getting Redstone Dust from the chest loots present in the villages, stronghold, dungeons, mineshaft, woodland mansions, etc. Although villages have the highest spawning rate.

Also, you can kill some mobs which drop Redstone Dust on dying including witches. They can be found in the mangrove swampy regions. Gold Ingots can be achieved by mining gold ores and then smelting them using a furnace. 

Steps to make Powered Rails using Redstone in Minecraft (Powered Rails Minecraft Recipe)

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to make Powered Rails in Minecraft

  • To proceed with, place the gold ingots in the first and the third column of the crafting region. Make sure that all the first and the last grid of all the rows are covered while the middle column is kept empty. 
  • Then, after this, place a piece of Redstone dust in the middle grid of the last row. 
  • After this, place a stick in the middle grid of the middle row and you are done.
  • A powered rail will appear in the crafting table which will resemble the regular rail but with a yellowish track and some Redstone sleepers. 

Mechanism of a Powered Rail in Minecraft

In order to use a powered rail in Minecraft, following steps may prove to be helpful

  • To proceed with, put a powered rail along with 3 regular rails on each side. Make sure that the direction of all these rails is entirely the same.
  • Then, proceed to place a lever near the powered rail and a Minecraft on the corner of the row of rails.
  • Now, make sure you toggle the lever on so to start the powered rail. 
  • After you have done this, push the Minecraft through this railroad and you will notice a considerable increase in the velocity. 
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How to use Powered Rails to stop Minecraft? 

In order to use Powered Rails to stop Minecraft, the following steps may prove to be quite useful

  • If you want to stop the Minecraft instead of giving it a boost, proceed to place these powered rails on a rail track wherever you want the Minecraft to stop.
  • Then, keep into account that you cannot choose this point with a distance greater than 8 blocks from where the powered Minecraft is present. It is because Minecraft will automatically stop itself when these 8 blocks are covered. 
  • After this, keep into account that the powered rails are not active at that time. A hint to guess if the powered rail is active or not is to check whether it is maroon or not. If its maroon, it indicates that the rail is inactive and there’s no Redstone signal source which is powering it. Also, there will be no glow on the rail during this period. 
  • Lastly, when the active Minecraft encounters the inactive powered rail road, it will automatically stop and this method proves to be quite helpful to halt Minecraft at train stations. 

Uses of Powered Rails in Minecraft 

Following are the uses of Powered RailRoads in Minecraft

  • A powered rail can be placed on an opaque block and also on top of a hopper. 
  • They can be used as roads and provide an additional push to Minecraft.
  • The direction of Minecraft remains the same as the direction of the powered rail roads. However, a considerable increase in the velocity of the Minecraft can be witnessed here. 
  • Activating a powered rail road requires you to add a power component which may be a daylight sensor, a Redstone torch, a block of Redstone etc. It can also be activated using a powered Redstone comparator or a redstone repeater. 
  • An activated powered rail road may also be used to activate other rails present near it. 
  • An inactive powered rail road may be used to decrease the speed of a Minecraft and to stop it. 
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Difference between Powered Rail and Regular Rails in Minecraft 

Although both of these rails look somewhat similar, there is a considerable difference between them when it comes to the velocity and the power boost granted by the former. In order to understand all of this better, consider a thorough explanation of this.

As it is quite clear, that a regular rail road can push a Minecraft up to 8 blocks but a powered rail road can take it up to the multiples of 8. It is for this reason that players tend to opt for the powered ones to increase the velocity. 


How do you make a Redstone powered rail?

In order to make a Redstone powered rail, you will have to open the crafting table and place 6 gold ingots, 1 Redstone dust, and 1 stick in the grid. 

Does powered rail need Redstone?

Yes, powered rails require a Redstone torch to be activated. 

What is an activator rail?

Activator rails are used to drop any player or item that is being transported through them. Also, these rails may prove to be helpful in sending Minecraft from one detector rail to another one. 

Which rail is best in Minecraft?

A powered rail road is considered the best in Minecraft since it grants an additional push to it and the velocity increases to multiples of 8. It would be safe to say that Minecraft covers over 38 blocks on the ground level in one go. 


Powered Rail Roads are used to grant an additional push to the items moving through it. They can cover more blocks in a lesser amount of time. They can either increase or decrease the speed of Minecraft depending upon the fact if they are activated or inactivated. You require a stick, 6 gold ingots and Redstone dust in order to craft a powered railroad in Minecraft.