How To Ride a Camel in Minecraft 1.20? 

How To Ride a Camel in Minecraft 1.20?

Embrace yourself! For what we are going to introduce you will surely leave you awestruck. Camels are a new addition in the game and you will now have the chance to enjoy the features provided by this new mob. All of the mobs present in Minecraft offer their own diverse characteristics, unique from others available in the game.

Also, these mobs are characterized into various types, which include hostile, neutral, and passive. Their behavior is as indicated by their names. The hostile mobs tend to pose a threat to the players while the neutral mobs don’t show any biases at all, but may prove harmful in case the player attacks them.

Lastly, the passive mobs remain faithful to the player no matter if you attack them too, and camels are an addition in this category. This new addition came in the 1.20 Minecraft Update and players couldn’t be anymore happy with this new release. 

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How to Ride a Camel in Minecraft?

Riding a camel ain’t a very tough job to do in Minecraft and simply right clicking on it would allow you to do so, but the key issue here arises of making a saddle first. Although a camel can be used without a saddle too, controlling it won’t be possible in such a scenario.

Screenshot of camels in minecraft

Also, it must be noticed that a crafting table would be of no use because you can’t craft a saddle of your own and will have to put in some effort in order to find it around you. Following are some of the places in the game where saddles are mostly found:

Other Ways to Get Saddle

  • You can trade some Emeralds in exchange for a saddle with the villagers. You will have to find master level leatherworker villagers for this purpose. They will then give you a saddle in exchange for 6 emeralds in the game.
  • Fishing is another method to obtain a saddle but the chances for it are pretty low and not more than 1%.
  • Lastly, killing a Ravager or a Strider would also do the task since they drop a saddle when killed. 

After you have found a saddle, it is high time that you learn how to use it. Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to do so:

  • Proceed by going near a camel and right clicking on it to ride it. You can also use the secondary action key for this purpose. Make sure that you do this on a standing camel because a sitting one won’t be of any help. 
  • After this, proceed to the inventory and put the saddle in the camel’s inventory within its cell. 
  • Now shut down the inventory and utilize the keys to make it move forward, run or sit. 

More about Camels in Minecraft 

Camels were added in the game in the Minecraft 1.20 update which came in 2022 along with many other additions including chiseled bookshelves, bamboo wood set, and hanging signs etc. Although many of these additions were anticipated, nobody expected this passive mob addition and it was surely a treat for the eyes.

Sniffer was previously added to the game winning the Mob Vote 2022, which included Rascal and Tuff Golem as options. Camels came out unexpectedly and can mostly be found wandering in the desert biomes of the game. 

You can find a single camel roaming around in the village and they don’t need a caravan to move. A squeaky noise can be heard as soon as you move near them, and can stand or sit whenever they want to. No assistance is required for them to move and have an adult as well as a toddler version of them.

Another essential aspect to take into account is that this mob has the ability to walk across fences and walls, a feature not witnessed in any mob before in the game. 

What are Camels used for in Minecraft?

Camels are used for traveling from one place to another, a job which was previously seen being accomplished by horses. It may be safe to say that the former have taken up the role of the latter and for better. This is particularly because of the fact that horses weren’t as welcoming and required additional effort to be ridden upon.

You can now travel on camels without having any saddle although you can use a saddle too as per your preference. Also, they possess a very fast speed and can cover larger distances in lesser time duration. In order to do this, you will have to hold the space bar key of your keyboard for sometime and then leave it. Doing so will cause the camel to rush at a very fast rate, covering almost 12 blocks in one go. This feature can prove to be particularly useful in regions where the player avoids going to go including ravines and caves. After you have utilized this feature, a cool down effect will be activated which lasts for almost 3 seconds. 

How To Breed Camels?

Breeding is an essential aspect in Minecraft and players do this to increase their experience points. Every mob offers a unique set of characteristics of its own, which are quite distinct from others present.

As far as breeding is concerned, mobs have to be fed with something in order to be bred and in case of camels, the food is cacti. As soon as you provide camels with cacti, they will start breeding and will enter a love mode.

When the camels see someone holding a cactus in their hands, they will start following it everywhere until the distance between the player and the mob exceeds six blocks.