How To Vote for Minecraft Mob? 

Minecraft is here with yet another exciting Mob vote and keeping ourselves calm during this situation is somewhat difficult. Minecraft features a vast world resembling reality, and the best part is, there is a voting to determine what will be the part of the world in the next update.

Many new mobs will be there in the 2022 update and the big news is, all the names have now been disclosed. These mobs are expected to bring a lot of changes to the game, and you will surely witness an enhanced gameplay after this. But keep in mind that voting is essential if you want your voice to be heard. It is for this reason that you must know how to vote and the below mentioned guide will surely help you understand this. 

Ways to vote for Minecraft Mobs

Every year, there are multiple ways to vote for Minecraft Mobs and this time, you will have 3 different options in order to do so. The first option is Minecraft’s site that is site and the second option is to vote in your Minecraft Launcher. Lastly, you can also opt for the option to vote inside the Carnival Themed Minecraft map which can be found present in the Bedrock edition of the game. 

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Voting in the Bedrock Edition Server

In order to vote using the Bedrock Edition server, you will have to do so using the Carnival Themed map present in the game. Follow the given steps for this purpose

  • Open the game and Sign in to your account. 
  • Proceed to tap on the Mob Vote option available on the home screen. 
  • A new page will appear. Here, tap on the Play and Vote option. 
  • A voting option will appear. Make sure you utilize the lever option for your desired mob. 

To vote using the Game Launcher

In order to use the Minecraft Launcher, follow these steps

  • Head towards the Minecraft Launcher and then opt for the Minecraft Live option available. 
  • Further proceed to tap on the Vote Now bar available at the end of the Launcher window. 
  • Click on the Vote in Launcher option present in the pop up window. 
  • After this, you can choose whatever mob you want in Minecraft Live 2022. 

Voting through the official Website 

Voting through the official Minecraft website is considered the best ways to do so and you may adopt the following steps for this purpose

  • Open the official Minecraft’s website and log into your account. 
  • A Minecraft Live Mob Vote 2022 option will appear, where you must tap on the Learn More tab. 
  • Furthermore, click on the Vote Online option in the next tab. 
  • You can now select your preferred mob and tap on the Submit option. An acceptance message will appear for confirmation. 
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