Minecraft 1.20 Mob Vote (2022) – Everything You Need To Know

The Minecraft 1.20 version will be released this year and the mob vote to include the best of the available mobs has already started and you can add your suggestion to it too.

However, if you have no idea about how to vote, then your opinion won’t really matter. All the Minecraft enthusiasts are highly passionate to see which of the mob will be included in the game and can’t wait to vote for their favorite one.

Many of the options were included in the voting later this week and one finds himself in quite confusion about whom to vote for. We saw that the Allay mob made it to the game in the 2021 update. We have absolutely no idea about who will gain this position in the 2022 vote.

Mobs included in Minecraft 1.20 update

Let’s check out which of the mobs are present in the voting option in the 1.20 update 


Choosing Rascal may be a tough choice since you will have an addition in the overworld’s mysterious creatures. You can find this mob spawning in the levels Y=0. Although the mob is neutral in nature, it may keep appearing and disappearing at times. After you have encountered this mob 3 times, you will find unique items through it.

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Keep in mind that all of this is possible only if you vote for it in Minecraft 1.20 Mob Vote. As far as the appearance of the mob is concerned, it will appear more as a goblin having a sack at its back. 


Although Sniffer is an old mob which later became extinct in the game, it will mam its reappearance in the 1.20 version by hatching again. After it transforms into an adult, you will witness this mob sniffing the ground in search of some seeds. This is directly linked with the introduction of new plants since the mob requires various seeds to feed on. 

Tuff Golem 

Although the Golem mob appeared in last year’s mob vote, it would make its reappearance again in this year’s voting. You will find these mobs mostly in a still position and are passive towards the players.

However, if you tend to wake them, they will proceed to lift whatever item you have dropped, one by one. As far as the personal opinion is concerned, we suggest you opt for this mob since it allows a number of different customization options, making it very interesting and fun for the user. 


Minecraft 1.20 Mob Vote is here again and we are not yet sure about who to vote for. With 3 different unique mob options, Minecraft allows you the chance to opt for your desired one, which can be later included in the game. 

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