Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK in which you will be able to see new biomes and a new mob known as Allay.

Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK

A new Minecraft update is here to provide the users with yet another item not present before. The developers of the game make sure that the Minecraft users don’t get tired of the gameplay at all and this can be very clearly witnessed from the frequent updates provided in the game.

With the Minecraft PE 1.19.30 update, the players will be able to witness a very changed gameplay. Although the players will find themselves physically present in the Minecraft world, but they won’t be able to make any changes to it. This is particularly because of the fact that some of the gamers can improve their skills by just practicing around and sharpen their skills.

Not only this, the players won’t get any damage when they move around nor can any hostile mob attack them. Another essential aspect to take into account is that the player will be wearing no capes or other such items. 

New Additions in Minecraft PE 1.19.30

Some of the new additions in the game after the Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK update are as under:

  • Minecraft is known to consist of a large diversity of biomes, each with its unique characteristics. More biomes are also being added constantly and while some are already there,slight additions have been made to them. The latter is the case with the Mangrove swmaps, which now include blocks of mud too in them. This new addition in the game would prove to be very helpful in building things. Also, these blocks can be used for repairing too alongwith construction.
  • A new mob named Allay has been added to the game. Allay is a passive mob and can serve to be an excellent friend of the player too. These mobs are seen present in the lock ups of robbers and if you save them, they will become your friends forever. 
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