Minecraft PE 1.19.50 APK

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.50 APK, which has brought new items like camels, new construction items and Chiseled Bookshelf.

Minecraft 1.19.50 APK

Minecraft PE 1.19.50 APK would surely allow players to find a suitable activity for themselves in their leisure time. Many new items have been added which can be used for decoration purposes. Items like summoning eggs have also been introduced, which will be utilized to summon various kinds of mobs in the game. Above all, positive changes have been made to the touch controls and the game does not lag as it used to. Moreover, due to this feature, lightning injury could be posed to villagers too.

Some of the items introduced in this Minecraft APK 1.19.50 update of the game are as under:

  • Camels can be seen present in the desert biomes of the game. This village animal is pretty swift and can be used to cover larger distances in a short span of time. The activities performed by this mob are walking, running, and jumping. Make sure you feed them with food since they can sprint with hunger. 
  • Additional skins have been added in the game for players who want to showcase their creativity. Almost 7 new skins have been added and players can utilize all of them to experiment with them. 
  • Chiseled Bookshelf is another major addition and while there were bookshelves before, this new item allows players to place books on it too. Three wooden slabs and 6 boards would be utilized for this purpose. A single chiseled bookshelf holds almost 6 books in it. 
  • New construction items have also been added including bamboo blocks. These blocks can be used to make various other items in the game including boards, hanging signs, rafts, and plates etc. The rafts can further be used to transport the player across the water. 
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