Redstone Dust in Minecraft – Usage of Redstone Dust in Minecraft

Redstone Dust is an element in Minecraft which can be used to make a number of other items. Although it does not have a purpose alone, combining it with other elements may prove to be quite useful.

Redstone Dust in Minecraft

Players must either find Redstone dust present somewhere or mine it in order to obtain it. Not only this, other ways to obtain this item include trading, getting chest loot, or by killing witches. Following is a detailed guide on Redstone Dust’s uses and how to obtain it. 

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How to get Redstone in Minecraft?

There are multiple ways of getting Redstone in Minecraft with the key being to craft it. In order to do this, you will first have to place a Redstone block inside the crafting table. There’s no restriction as to where to place the block and it entirely depends on you.

After you have done this, Redstone Dust will automatically appear under the portal structure in the Ancient cities. Reversing the procedure will again get you a Redstone block if you desire one. All you will have to do in this case is to place a Redstone Dust in the crafting area. A block of Redstone will appear in front of you. 

Uses of Redstone Dust in Minecraft

Redstone Dust is used for various purposes in the game. Following are some of them

  • Redstone dust can be used to craft a piston which can then be utilized to push mobs and other items in the game.
  • It can also be used to make powered rails which powers Minecraft. 
  • Redstone Dust can be placed on an opaque block and connected with a circuit in order to make a Redstone wire. This will allow you to generate power and can be transferred to up to 15 blocks. 
  • Redstone Dust can be utilized to craft a Dropper which drops various items. 
  • A compass is another item that can be made through Redstone Dust which will tell the direction of the world spawn point. 
  • A Target is also a very useful item that can be used to send Redstone signals by detecting projectiles. 


Can you make Redstone Dust?

Yes, Redstone Dust can be crafted by placing a Redstone block inside a crafting table. There’s no particular process of making this and all you have to do is place the block anywhere in the table. 

What is Redstone Dust in real life?

There’s no Redstone Dust in real life as Minecraft features stuff that is purely fictional and has no basis in reality. 

What is the easiest way to get Redstone Dust?

The easiest way to get Redstone Dust is to first look for Redstone by either mining or finding it and then proceed to craft Redstone Dust in the crafting table using the block present.