Spectator Mode in Minecraft – How to go into Spectator Mode in Minecraft? 

Spectator Mode is very different from other game modes in Minecraft since this does not allow players to physically participate in any activity. Rather, the Spectator Mode enables players to witness everything without having any interaction with the world. The player will fly high and then look at everything going around them.

Spectator Mode in Minecraft

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Also, another essential aspect to take into account is that the spectators won’t be visible to anyone present in the Minecraft world and only the players will be seeing everything that is going around. No mobs, be they passive or hostile ones, can see the player nor can they attack them. Only the other players present in the game will be able to see you and no one else. In order to move from one place to another, the spectators can seek the help of blocks. Also, there’s no way the spectators can stop flying as they will be doing so for the entire game and no option of landing is there. 

How to go into Spectator Mode in Minecraft? 

The Spectator Mode is still under development and for this reason, the players will have to enable this game mode by going to the world settings. After the players have launched the World List, they can proceed towards the Edit option. From here, you can tap on the Experiments option and enable the Spectators option from here.

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Also, another way of enabling this game mode is entering the /game mode spectator command. You will have to utilize F3+ N keys when cheats are on or you can also use the F3 + F4 keys in the game mode selector bar. If you want to enable the Spectator Mode in the Bedrock Edition, you can enter the /game mode spectator command and toggle on the mode. 

How to get out of Spectator Mode in Minecraft?

In order to get out of the Spectator Mode in Minecraft, toggle off the mode using the F3+ key. This command is used when the Java Edition version of the Spectator Mode is used. In the Bedrock Edition, there’s no way that you can utilize these shortcuts and you will have to enter the full commands in order to do so. In order to access this, press F3 + F4. 

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