Types of Bastion Remnants in Minecraft and how to locate them 

Minecraft has many naturally generated structures and bastion remnants is one of them. The game had many dimensions with each of them containing some different types of structures. Bastion Remnants are pretty rare and finding them can prove to be a really arduous job for users.

Bastion Remnants

The Hellish realm in the Nether region is the place where the chances of finding Bastion remnants are considerably high and players must search for them here. But keep in mind that this region is not safe at all since there are many hostile and some neutral piglins here. Players must be cautious while visiting this place since there are other dangerous creatures along with lava present here. 

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Types of Bastion Remnants in Minecraft

  1. Hoglin Stables: This variant of Bastion Remnants contains hostile Hoglins. These nether structures are identified when the player witnesses the hostile behavior of Piglins towards the Hoglins. Chest loot can be found here so the players must analyze these structures thoroughly. 
  2. Housing Units: This variant of Bastion Remnants contains various barricades which are present around nether warts. Players can access chest loot, and gold blocks in this region. Also, there are many piglins found in this region. 
  3. Treasure Room: One of the largest and the most common variant of Bastion remnants which contains structures made out of Blackstone. Players can easily distinguish this variant from others through the presence of lava pools. This is considered the hardest to explore among all the variants. 
  4. Bridge: As the name of this variant indicates, this region contains a long bridge. It is particularly easy to find because of its significantly different structure. Many hostile mobs are present here and sometimes, hoglins can also be seen spawning in this place. 

Loot present in Bastion Remnants 

Bastion Remnants is pretty famous because of all the loot present here and that is the reason why players want to locate this place so hard. Following is the list of loot that can be found in this region:

  • Magma Cream
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Magma Cube Spawner
  • Piglin Music Disc
  • Golden Armor and Weapon
  • Snout Banner Pattern
  • Blocks of Gold
  • Lodestone 
  • Iron and gold nuggets
  • Arrows 
  • Golden Carrots
  • Diamond Tools
  • Saddles
  • Enchanted Golden Apples
  • Enchanted Iron Swords 
  • Golden Apples
  • Spectral Arrows
  • Crimson Nylium and roots 
  • Enchanted books 
  • Netherite Scrap 
  • Gilded Blackstones

Where to locate Bastion Minecraft

Bastion Remnants are places filled with loot and that is why locating them is quite useful. Following is a detailed guide about where to find Bastion Remnants in Minecraft. 

  • Finding Bastion Remnants compels you to fight the Ender Dragon after reaching the End. Keep in mind that there are various hostile mobs roaming here so you should be cautious about it. Take items which have enchantments with them in order to ward off all of them, especially piglins defending the Bastion. 
  • After this, complete your armor set before hopping on to this region. This should also include enchanted diamond equipment, golden apples, bows, arrows, swords, gold and diamond armor, potion of fire resistance, elytra, pyrotechnics, many shulker boxes, a lava bucket and some food items. Only after you have gathered all this that you are ready to go. 
  • Locate the Nether region. Put your gold armor on and hop into this mysteriously generated structure in order to find Bastion Remnants. These structures can be found anywhere except the Basalt deltas so you don’t have to go there. 
  • After this, Hoglin Stable Bastions must be located because they are more common variants than others. These are very dangerous and contain a large number of Hoglins. 
  • Next, head to locate a Housing Bastion. Although these structures are very similar to the former one, one must distinguish them from the Nether Wart present inside the courtyard of these structures. One interesting aspect to take into account is that these structures may also contain Piglin Banner Pattern or Pigstep music CDs in them. 
  • Finding a Bridge Bastion does not require a lot of effort because they can be easily distinguished from others due to their unique features. This is a very large structure that contains up to 24 blocks of gold in it. 
  • Lastly, finding the Treasure Room Bastions requires you to locate a structure having two bridges with lava beneath it. These structures are filled with treasure and may contain up to 16 gold blocks. Not only this, there are other items present inside these structures including Netherite ingots or diamond armor (mostly broken). 

How to enter inside a Bastion Remnant?

Next essential step is breaking inside these Bastion Remnants. Following guide will aid you to do so

  • Entering a bastion remnant isn’t that easy at all considering all the hostile creatures roaming around and you must adopt great caution in order to do so. First of all, explore all sides of the bastion remnant in order to analyze thoroughly if anything is present. Sometimes, loot can also be found present outside this structure so it is better you look outside before going in. 
  • In case you have taken any chest from outside the remnant, keep into account that opening it would infuriate the Piglins and they would come for you. To get rid of such unwanted situations, it is recommended that you first place the chest or a shulker box on a hopper and then open it. It is not preferable under normal circumstances but in order to avoid Piglins from approaching you, this is the only solution available. 
  • Next, ward off the Piglins by fighting them. Make sure you avoid doing this since it can risk your own survival too, but in case they have approached very near then killing them is the only option available. 
  • Also, players can take a lava bucket and use it on the Piglins in order to ward them off. A fire will kill all of them and you can be free to walk inside the Bastion Remnant. If you want to avoid doing all of this, then the other option is to run quickly inside the Bastion Remnant and lock yourself in. Although this will make the mob pretty angry and they will come for you, they won’t be able to cross locked doors. You can then collect as many gold blocks as you can find inside the Bastion Remnants. 
  • In order to enter the main area inside the Bastion Remnant, you will have to be cautious about the lava present around. There are 2 to 7 chests of treasure present here which are spread throughout the entrance. Keeping yourself safe from the lava present around requires you to have a fire resistance potion with you. Also, under such scenarios Enchanted Golden Apples can also prove to be of help since they can protect you in case you touched the lava accidently.
  • Get rid of all the Magma Cube Spawners as soon as you get in and then start mining the gold present. There are high chances of death in this region since all the Piglins will be after you here. You will have to fight them till the end in order to get the gold. A hopper won’t prove to be of any help in this region. 
  • After you have taken all the loot, it’s high time that you escape from this hell of a place. Doing so requires you to devise a proper plan in order to get rid of all the piglins and run away with the loot easily. Elytra and pyrotechnics will prove to be useful here. 
  • You can now get away with all the loot from the Bastion Remnants easily. 


What type of Bastion has the best loot?

Bastion Remnants is a place which may be filled with a lot of hostile creatures but it also contains a significantly large amount of loot. Although all of these structures have loot in them, Treasure Room Bastions are considered to have the highest amount. 

How many types of Bastions are there in Minecraft?

Minecraft has four different kinds of bastions. The difference between all of these bastions is of the terrain and other loot present inside. Also, the route to enter these bastions is also different from each other. 

How do I find a bastion quickly?

Since bastions are located in the Nether biome of the game, you must first hop on to this location immediately. Then, every type of bastion has its own precise location which you can find by following the above mentioned steps. Mostly, these are located in the crimson forests, nether wastes, soul sand valley, and warped forest biomes. 


Bastion Remnants are naturally generated structures in Minecraft which are of four types. These structures contain a lot of loot and entering them requires you to be fully armed since they have a lot of hostile creatures guarding them. 

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