What Do Dolphins Eat in Minecraft? 

Another neutral mob in the game is dolphins and they can be found present in unfrozen water bodies. You will normally encounter them in groups and swimming near them can increase your speed to a great extent.

The mechanism of this mob is pretty similar to the behavior showcased by actual dolphins and you will see them coming out of water to get some air. As far as the appearance of this mob is concerned, dolphins have a gray color texture and have tails and fins attached to them.

What’s more about dolphins is that they will protect you from any other mob that poses any threat towards you. It is for this reason that they may be considered a very loyal friend of yours. But in order to avail all of these benefits from them, it is essential that you feed them with some food. They feed on raw cod and salmon and you will have to find these items for them. 

How to find dolphin’s food in Minecraft? 

Dolphins cannot find their own food and you will have to put in some effort in order to get that. After you feed them, they will get attached to you and will protect you from all sorts of dangerous mobs.

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But keep in mind that their loyalty is as long as you are loyal with them. As soon as you inflict any harm to them, they will be doing the same to you. In order to find dolphins’ food, you will have to search for raw cod and salmon.

The former can be seen present in underwater biomes and to be more precise, you may look for them in level 32 in lukewarm, frozen, or any sort of water bodies. You can find them by fishing and the latter will also be present in the same locations. Their color is a combination of red and green and are somewhat longer and thinner than cods. 

Behavior of dolphins in Minecraft 

Dolphins are of two types. One which can get attached to the player when fed. The second which remains dangerous no matter how much you feed them. The latter sort must be fed with cods and salmon. These items can be attained through the process described above. After you do so, they will swim towards the nearest shipwreck.

They stay away from guardians and elder guardians. The enchantment used for them is Impaling enchantment and they create sound depending upon their motion. 

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Dolphins are fed with cods and salmon, both of which can be obtained through fishing. They serve as neutral mobs though they can be fed to develop some affection to the player and protect the player in terms of crisis. 

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