What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft? 

Minecraft features a number of different enchantments which add an additional effect to particular items and one of them is Channeling, which can be used with a Trident and provide a lightning effect.

What Does Channeling Do in Minecraft?

Channeling can be found from a number of places including raid drops, dungeon chests, librarian villagers, Minecraft chests, enchantment tables, and other chests.

This enchantment provides a limited power to the user as its maximum level is 1. You will feel a sense of protection when using Channeling. Whenever a mob is struck in the rainy weather, this enchantment can be used to muster lightning. 

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Steps to enchant a Trident with Channeling 

To enchant a Trident with Channeling, you will first have to get this item which can only be obtained by killing a Drowned. The chances that this aquatic mob will drop a Trident upon death are almost 8.5%.

If you are thinking that the possibilities for this are relatively low, keep in mind that this group will always be found in groups and you can get a Trident from any of them.

But is it safe to attack such a large mob alone? Definitely not. It is for this reason that devising a proper strategy before going on to attack the mob is essential since they have the capacity to overcome you under the shadow of darkness. 

After you have attained this, it is high time that you proceed to enchant the Trident with Channeling. The items required for this purpose are

  • An Anvil
  • An Enchanted Book (Channeling)

You can now proceed to follow the below mentioned steps in order to enchant the Trident:

  • To begin with, put an anvil and the Trident in the first slot.
  • Then, in the second slot, put the enchanted book.
  • You will receive a Trident enchanted with Channeling as the output.
  • Keep in mind that the enchantment table is present between 15 bookshelves, piled up at the altitude of 2. 

Usage of Channeling 

Channeling is used to summon lightning and may be helpful in transforming regular creepers into charged ones, pigs into zombified piglins, villagers into witches, and change the color of the mushrooms.

Channeling Minecraft

As far as the Java Edition of the game is concerned, Channeling won’t be of any use to mobs present in snow, lava, water, cobweb, or soul sand. A Trident which is enchanted with Channeling can also be used for varied purposes.

The Surge Protector effect can be enabled when this Trident is thrown at a lightning rod and it can also be used to get the effect of Very Very Frightening.

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