What is Adventure Mode in Minecraft? 

Minecraft offers various different game modes for the players to choose from among which, Adventure is one. This game mode offers somewhat different features than the other ones, with the key being the fact that the players can’t break blocks with their bare hand nor can they place one block over another. The Adventure Mode offers a much more immersive gameplay and is quite unique as compared to others in the game. Be it the mode of interaction or the usage of tools to break blocks, everything is different in the Adventure Mode. 

Adventure Mode in Minecraft

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How to use Adventure Mode in Minecraft? 

In order to use the Adventure Mode in Minecraft, the players will have to use the command /gamemode adventure. Make sure that the cheats are enabled when you do this and you will automatically switch to the Adventure Mode. There are a limited amount of activities that you can perform in the Adventure Mode including the fact that you are unable to mine since blocks cannot be broken. Also, you cannot harvest wood in this game mode nor can you punch sand and dirt for it to be dropped as a block. 

How does Adventure Mode work in Minecraft? 

Adventure Mode works quite simple in Minecraft: it allows you to make your own customized maps or you can also play on maps designed by other players. Although Minecraft does not have any missions and presents an open world environment where the players are free to do anything they want to, no such case is there in the Adventure Mode which presents some quests and only allows the players to break blocks with a CanDestroy tag and place blocks with a CanPlaceOn label. 

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Can you break blocks in Minecraft Adventure Mode?

Yes, players can break blocks in Minecraft Adventure Mode but only by using the right tools for that purpose and not with the usage of fists. Do not try to use any tool for breaking blocks as some tools are only designed for specific blocks. For example, you cannot break a stone block with a shovel, a log with a pickaxe, nor can you break a dirt block with an axe. Make sure that the item you are selecting has a CanDestroy tag on it. 

Adventure Mode vs Survival Mode

Minecraft Adventure and Survival Modes offer a number of differences with the most important difference being the breakage of blocks. The former does not allow players to break blocks using fists nor does it allow you to place one block over the other while everything is permitted in the latter. However, tools can be used for this purpose in the Adventure Mode. Another major difference between both of these modes is that the Adventure Mode lets you spawn on the exact location of the world spawn while the Survival Mode lets you spawn anywhere near the selected location in the world spawn.