What is Survival Mode in Minecraft? – Minecraft Survival Mode command 

With a number of game modes offered by Minecraft, Survival is considered the best one due to the features it provides. In the Survival Mode, the players can eat whatever they want to, build different structures, gather resources, fight against mobs, and explore around. The Survival Mode features an inventory in which there are 4 slots which can be utilized by the player to store anything. Also, a number of blocks are there in this mode which can further be used to craft a particular item using the recipes available. To put these recipes into practice, you will require a crafting table. 

Survival Mode in Minecraft

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What mode is similar to Survival in Minecraft? 

The Hardcore Mode is similar to the Survival Mode in Minecraft except the fact that the former offers an enhanced difficulty level not found in the latter. In this game mode, the difficulty level is set to the highest and the player won’t be respawning after death.

Also, all the cheats are disabled in this version and you cannot enable them. This mode has a multiplayer option too although it seems almost similar to the single player mode. Also, another essential aspect to take into account is that the Hardcore mode is in fact a part of the Survival mode since the Survival further consists of 4 levels which are peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. 

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Minecraft Survival Mode command 

The commands in Minecraft Survival Mode are:

  • /tp or /teleport: This command is used to teleport someone in Minecraft Survival. With this command, you won’t have to walk long distances and can easily move around.
  • /gamemode: This command allows players to switch to whatever game mode they want to play in. 
  • /locate: This command lets you locate seeds.
  •  /summon: The summon command is used to summon the mobs in Minecraft.
  • /fill: This command is used to make structures.
  • /gamerule: The game rule command lets you change the rules of the game. 

What is the aim of Minecraft Survival? 

The Survival Mode in Minecraft, as the name indicates, compels the players to survive. All the players may be doing in this game mode is collecting resources essential for their survival, and build structures. Also, the Survival mode allows players to interact with others present including the villagers spawning around, and compete against the hostile mobs which may be seen attacking in the dark. This mode is different from the creative mode in which you will have to create everything by yourself. 

Best Survival World Minecraft

 Following are some of the best worlds in Minecraft Survival

  • Future City
  • Assassin’s Creep
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s
  • Stranded Raft
  • 30 Ways to Die
  • SkyBlock
  • Cube Survival
  • Tazader City 2015
  • Asleep
  • Parkour Spiral 2
  • BiomeBox
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s 2
  • Sun City 
  • Mars Mission
  • Demon Brain
  • Varenburg
  • Elytra Fall
  • Mountain Sky Village
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