Where to find soul sand in Minecraft? 

Among the many other blocks found in the game, Soul Sand is one and is usually found present in the Nether and ancient parts of the cities. There are many uses of this block with the key being slowing down the regular physical activity of mobs and other players who tend to move on it.

Where to find soul sand in Minecraft

Not only this, these blocks also prove to be a lot helpful in making various other things including a wither. Following is a detailed guide on Soul Sand and where to find it. 

Soul Sand in Minecraft 

Before digging deep into this block, it is essential to note that Soul Sand is a very rare block in the game and finding it won’t be an easy task if you don’t know the exact locations. But the uses provided by the block make it quite valuable and it is for this reason that players want to find it so desperately. Soul Sand is used to craft items which emit soul fire.

Also, whenever soul sand is added to any homebase or a building, it adds a pessimistic or ominous touch to it. Furthermore, this block can also be utilized to make traps of some sort. You can also trade this block for Piglins in the game. 

Where to find Minecraft Soul Sand in the Nether?

To proceed with, begin by entering the Nether region in the game. For this purpose, you will first require a portal in the over world which you can then enter. As soon as you do this, you will be entered into the Nether where a number of different mobs and other entities will be seen present.

There are high chances that Soul Sand can be found in the Nether region and to be more precise, Soul Sand is normally present in the Y coordinate 34, which is almost 4 blocks below the layer. Not only this, this block can also be found present in the nether fortresses, in the nether wart rooms. Mining them won’t be an arduous task at all as you can do it with either using any tool or with your hands too.¬†

Usage of Soul Sand in Minecraft

Soul Sand is used for a number of purposes in the game, with the key being the ones mentioned below

  • Soul Sand will hinder the movement of anything passing into it. In case anyone is not wearing boots that are already enchanted with Soul Speed, the aforementioned item will reduce the speed to up to 50%. 
  • Soul Sand cannot be utilized as an alternative to regular sand because the former is not affected by gravity at all. 
  • If you place soul sand beneath a layer of lava, the movement of Striders will be slowed down by it. 

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