Who is the Best Minecraft Player in The World? – Top Minecraft Players

No matter how easy Minecraft seems to be, there are a number of different tasks which one must master in order to have a grip over the game. Minecraft is for beginners and professionals alike and learning every skill in the game is an arduous task to do. Main elements in the game include multiplayer combat modes, doing parkour or building structures etc. and each of them presents a varied difficulty level.

Stating who is the best in the game is somewhat difficult because every player has a unique capability which the other lacks and all are good in their own way. Also, a number of professionals of Minecraft are out there which make it hard to rank a single one of them.

However, we made our list of top 5 best Minecraft players, so you may have an idea about them. 

Top 5 best Minecraft Players

Following is a list of the top 5 best Minecraft players according to us. However, keep in mind that the list is not released by Mojang itself and rather a vague assumption made by us. 


One of the best players of Minecraft of all time was Technoblade, who was known for his sharp mindedness and excellent grip on the game. As far as the accomplishments of this player are concerned, Technoblade was believed to have become quite proficient in the Minecraft Hardcore Mode. Some of his records are still unsurpassed. Also, he won a match against Dream, after which he was given almost a $100,000 cash prize. 

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The most sad part is that he is no more in this world. He died of cancer.


Original name is DanielTdm Robert Middleton, Dan TDM is also one of the most impressive players in the game. He does not only play Minecraft, but is also good at other video games including Pokemon and Roblox etc.


He has a YouTube channel and one of his most popular video is Minecraft | Holiday Disaster | Custom Holiday Adventure. Dan can be considered an all in all. He is not only a good gamer but has also proven himself in the field of acting, singing, and writing. 


Considered one of the best in parkour, Fruitberries has proven his name in Minecraft. He is known to have excelled in the Minecraft championship, TGTTOSAWAF. It must be noticed that he holds the world record in the speed running time in the game. 



Dream is also a massively popular Minecraft player. He is known for his exceptional gaming skills, which he showcases on Twitch as well as on YouTube. With over 2.28 billion views on his main channel, it would be safe to say that Dream manages to attain the 4th position on our list. 


He recently revealed his face!

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With over 3.9 billion views on his YouTube channel, CaptainSparklez proved himself in the field of gaming and the music industry. His actual name is Jordan Maron and he is quite a famous youtuber too. 


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