Why is my Minecraft Website in Spanish?

If there’s any game that one thinks of during their leisure time, it’s definitely Minecraft. Although the game proves to be quite fun to play, operating it in a different language may prove to be an arduous task which many people want a solution to. If you are also one of those trying to change the language settings in Minecraft, then you are definitely not alone in your quest.

Language Problem on Minecraft Website

Many new updates are constantly being added in the game and while you create an account on it, you will have to select your current region. The game will then provide you the version and the language depending upon that particular region. However, under some circumstances, the language may not be of your choice which can create a problem for many users. But you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore as changing the language on Minecraft isn’t that difficult as it seems to be and the following guide will surely aid you to do so. 

How to change language settings in Minecraft?

The language in your Minecraft account isn’t the one you wanted it to be? Don’t worry. Following the below mentioned simple steps will help you to change the language within a few minutes. 

  • To proceed with, log into your Minecraft account.
  • Then, proceed to the Settings option present in the Menu.
  • Scroll down until you come across the General Settings tab. 
  • From here, you can easily change the language by opting for the Language Settings option.
  • You will be provided with a total of 29 different languages, from which you can easily choose your desired one. 
  • As soon as you tap on your preferred language, the change will come into effect immediately and you will then be able to use that language in the game. 
  • If not this, you can also proceed to perform another procedure in order to change the language. 
  • For this, use the in-game command ‘/language’ if you are playing Minecraft on PC. You can also type ‘/language English’ and the job will be done. 
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How to change other languages in Minecraft? 

Minecraft provides a total of 29 different language options and though the number is huge, it is nothing in front of the number of actual languages spoken on the planet. Many people find it hard to use any of these 29 available languages and try to look for alternative options. There is another option which you can opt for if your language isn’t supported by the game.

A project supported by Crowdin provides a total of 124 different language options which can ease your problem to a considerable extent. Proceed to open the Activity Stream option and you will find your preferred language in no time.

However, it must be kept in mind that not all the words are translated correctly in this, particularly because of the fact that Minecraft features a vast world and not all the items are present in real life, which makes the translation almost impossible. 

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